Barren Magazine: “What I Mean when I Say I’m Sad

Bodega: “Gratitude for the way we make it work

The Cerurove: “a note on freedom,” “after the state sends its thoughts & prayers & condolences,” “field son witnesses reunion

Cosmonauts Ave: “anechoic in gravity’s silk: a cento,” “field son survives the wilderness in eight parts: an ekphrasis

8 Poems Journal: “all on the altar

Foundry Journal: “The Only Technology Worth Saving is Language,” “Five Questions Interview

Gordon Square Review: “hymnal

The Hellebore: “what the bengal tiger said to the black boy

Hobart: “Nikes for the Next Generation

The Journal of American Language: “cradlesong,” “The Butterfly

Kissing Dynamite Poetry: “a body witnesses a body swallow itself

Longleaf Review: “field son finds a way to make it on this earth,” “Ice loss from Antarctica has sextupled since the 1970s, new research finds

Occulum: “of eve & adam’s apple: the will & testament

Parentheses Journal: “Unhinged

Peach Magazine: “strategies for being remembered

The Poetry Annals (Anatomy of Desire Anthology): “inheritance,” “what is love but an animal with its face buried deep in the ground?”

Riggwelter Press: “in which america hears me”

Sleeper Service: “body,” “Regarding Compatibility: Three-Hundred Miles from a Home”

The Shallow Ends: “BLUE PLANET

Soft Cartel: “Elegy #803

Tinderbox Poetry Journal:Stay Well Back…Or Risk Certain Death: Giant Waves Slam California Coast

Tiger Moth Review: “How to Talk About Love at a Time Like This,” “How to Talk About Love at a Time Like This (contributor essay)

TRACK//FOUR: “field son recalls the way it was when,” “lord, of countin’ balloons are you tired yet?

Wildness Journal: “To the White Boys who Sang Suwoop as We Passed on a PWI,” “Yellowjacket

Windfall Room: “Deforestation

Winter Tangerine: “field son watches his mother,” “what is prayer in a mouth that never spoke arabic?,” “prayer decaying on its way out

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